effective 01/01/2019

PRODUCT          FEE

FHA W /1004MC (Single Family/Townhome/Condo)    

 $ 425


Conventional standard Appraisal (non lending purposes)

 $ 400

CONVENTIONAL STANDARD APPRAISAL WITH 1004/MC(Single Family/Townhome/Condo)                   

 $ 400

Form 1004MC


Form 2055 & 2065 (exterior inspection)


Form 2075 (exterior inspection)


Small Residential Income Reports (2 Units)  add $100 for FHA


Small Residential Income Reports (3-4 Units) add $100 for FHA


Investment Forms (Operating Income and Rental Analy.)


Disaster Area Inspection Reports    


1004D Appraisal Update

 $ 200.00

Complex Properties (add $100)    


Inspection (Final Inspections/Draws/Re-Inspections)



 Turn Around Time for standard appraisals will be 24-48 hours from the time of home inspection.  48 hours is a maximum time for extreme conditions and most reports will be completed with 24 hours of inspection.

*Various other property appraisal forms are available.  Please call for pricing on all other types of appraisal forms.  Complex properties can cost more than the standard pricing listed above.



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